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  • spring-integration-mongodb version on Import-Package

    The 2.1.0.RELEASE version of spring-integration-mongodb has an Import-Package in its manifest for com.mongodb between versions 2.4.0 and 2.5.0 inclusive:

    Import-Package: com.mongodb;version="[2.4.0, 2.5.0]"
    This version range is too restrictive. It should probably be:

    Import-Package: com.mongodb;version="[2.4,3)"
    This bundle also depends on spring-data-mongodb [1.0.0,2) and the 1.0.0.RELEASE of that bundle depends on any version of the com.mongodb package with no restrictions at all.

    Was the restrictive range a mistake?

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    I don't think spring-data-mongo 1.0.0.RELEASE actually meant any version of com.mongo. I believe their manifest has a mistake, since spring-data-mongo is released with 2.7.1 dependency, but I do agree that we have to fix it probably following your suggestion. PLease raise JIRA if you dont mind and we'll address it for 2.1.1

    But I believe that even after you fix that you may encounter other issues with spring-data-common. Anyway, give it a shot and please raise a JIRA so we can take care of it.


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      I created Jira issue

      There is a problem with depending on [2.4,3) as well, since the mongo jar exports as follows:
      Export-Package: com.mongodb,, com.mongodb.util, com.mon
       godb.gridfs, org.bson, org.bson.util, org.bson.types,
      Therefore, the only import you can realistically use must be for version 0.0.0 (or no version specified). Unless you are using a different mongo jar file from the standard distributions.