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  • Adapter Factory?

    I am a newb, and I have a few questions:

    Has anyone experimented with/written what might be considered a Adapter Factory? This might allow for the channeling of files from a range of directories on the same system? I am not sure architecturally if this can be achieved, but I do need to look in multiple directories on each poll, from numerous adapters....

    What is the best way to capture information about a remote directory and file and pass it to the channel from a SFTP Inbound adapter? or should I say numerous inbound adapters....

    Scenario: scan directories for files. Based on the directory of origin, route them to the appropriate aggregator and then release the merged files periodically....can I use an Interceptor's preReceive to get the remote directory and put it in a header-enricher?

    Ideas? thoughts?
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    No love for the newb...Ill try to rephrase

    For a single process, I need to push a file, pick it up when its done (inbound adapter poller)
    Then push it to another system (bridge) and pick up a 'response' file, then push it, so on and so forth until it is at the end of the process where it is placed into one of numerous folders:

    I am looking for an easy way to periodically take ALL the files from customerA, aggregate, and put somewhere for pick up. I need to repeat this for each Customer...

    I am hoping NOT to have to use an adapter --> channel --> aggreagator --> channel --> adapter for each Customer.

    Any ideas - I can use three adapters and send them all to the same chain (aggregator, router) as long as I can get information about the folder (or adapter if I must use one for each folder) from which the file originates....ideas?



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      You can pass a Message whose payload is a MimeMailMessage type (a Spring Framework support class for email). That then provides a MimeMessageHelper instance as a property. See the JavaDoc for that, and you will find many methods for dealing with attachments.

      Hope that helps.


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        I just noticed that you had added your question to an unrelated topic. Can you please start a new thread if you have any follow-up questions?, and in the future, please do not take over other peoples' threads.



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          Sorry for what happened above (see my previous reply to Ramesh). If you can start by answering Oleg's question above that ... then we can help you explore the options.



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            huh? Not sure what this refers to...


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              It referes to the fact that @Ramesh has posted a question that was unrelated to your original post


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                oh, huh, that wasnt there the last time I looked, Only the reply from Mark - thx? Maybe we can kill this and start over...