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  • maintaing order of messages

    Hi Guys,
    I am sending some messages in queues and after that I extracting
    those messages from queue itself through message driven listener
    and generating files and in those files the messages are being writen
    but when I open those files to see the messages , the messages are there
    but in an unordered way like msg 5 will be there at top and then msg 1, I want
    that the order should be there when they are witen in file....!!

    which component will help me in achievieng is resequencer...Can you
    explain me how that tag of resequencer will be writen in xml configuration file itself..?

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    Have you gone through the reference manual?

    Configuring Resequencer is very similar to configuring an aggregator. Go through the reference manual (read multiple times if you can't grasp it immediately in first go), try it out yourself and see if it works.

    Feel free to post any questions , but only when you have done your bit to try things out.
    Really appreciate your enthusiasm to explore and try out different things in Spring integration, but you putting in more efforts to get the answer first will really help you a lot.

    I like this page "Show Some Effort" from coderanch.


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      Hi ,
      I have already gone with the official manual but i dont want to make seprate bean for resequencer , I am searching for a tag of resequencer that we can just sepicfy in the xml configuration itself...!!please advise for that..!!


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        You obviously did not try what was suggested by Amol. If you did you'd realize that it just works without any special configuration (Resequencer that is).
        So my question is what do you expect from this forum where people like Amol DO show some effort in trying to help you while in return there is absolutely no effort on your side to help yourself?


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          HI Oleg,

          Sorry , but I don't mean in that context I want that an alternative ways to reducing the coupling in spring integration should be introduced ...since I want all components to be specify in xml frmat itself ...I have gone thru the refernce manual and discovered that way...

          <channel id="inputChannel"/>
          <channel id="outputChannel"/>
          <resequencer id="cadt"
          input-channel="inputChannel" �