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  • SimpleMessageStore data to be stored in mysql

    Hi ,
    I am using SimpleMessageStore to store the messages and by default it stores in volatile memory but I want to configure it with the jdbc ...rite now below the configuration that I am using ...

    <task:scheduler id="scheduler" />
    	<task:scheduled-tasks scheduler="scheduler">
    		<task:scheduled ref="reaper1" method="run" fixed-rate="${reaperSchedulerFixedRate}" />
    		<task:scheduled ref="reaper2" method="run" fixed-rate="${reaperSchedulerFixedRate}" />
    	 <bean id="reaper1" class="">
    			<property name="messageGroupStore" ref="messageStore1"  />
    		<property name="timeout" value="${reaperTimeOut}" />
    	 <bean id="reaper2" class="">
    			<property name="messageGroupStore" ref="messageStore2"  />
    		<property name="timeout" value="${reaperTimeOut}" />
     <bean id="messageStore1" class="" />
      <bean id="messageStore2" class="" />
    Now I want to store the data of simple message store in my sql database Please guide me what changes I need to do in the above xml configuration for storing the data..!!

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    As we said before,its all described in documentation
    You would save yourself a lot of time if you try to read it


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      Hi Oleg,

      Thanks a lot , I have gone thorough the official reference but could not grasp that much from it..!! please guide me ..!


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        Hi Saral,
        What is it that you didnt understand? Maybe you should tryout at least something that you understood and see if things work or not. Please try out something for yourself and post back in case something fails (only after you have done some analysis yourself and cant find the issue, i don't feel in this case something' that complex)