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  • Spring integration JMX and vanilla Spring JMX

    We're trying to use the vanilla Spring <context:mbean-export .../> and the Spring Integration <int-jmx:mbean-export /> but run into problems. These two seem to have different requirements as to whether cglib is required for example.
    We have a large number of @ManagedResource annotated Spring beans, and a fair few SI artifacts. It would be nice if the SI mbean exporter could just expose the SI components without interfering with the vanilla mbean exporter. If we just use the vanilla <context:mbean-export .../> then everything works fine, but if we include the <int-jmx:mbean-export /> then many (but not all) of the @ManagedResource annotated beans break.
    Is there a way to use these two approaches together?

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    What version are you using?


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      spring framework 3.0.5.RELEASE and spring integration 2.0.5.RELEASE


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        Any help would be much appreciated. If we just use <context:mbean-export /> then everything works fine. If we also include <int-jmx:mbean-export /> (to expose the SI components as MBeans) then the mbean names of some of the mbeans exposed via @ManagedResource change from the spring bean name defined in one of the applicationContext...xml files to the fully qualified class name. This breaks various components which expect to be able to lookup the exposed MBeans using the spring bean names.
        It appears that including the <int-jmx:mbean-export /> elements is causing different behaviour w.r.t. cgi proxies vs jdk proxies.