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  • SerializationFailedException

    I have the following configuration for the global error channel:
    <si:channel id="errorChannel">
    <si:queue capacity="1" />
    <ref bean="GlobalErrChnlMsgInterceptor" />

    When a message fails to deserialize(due to changes in class/any other problem) I get an ErrorMessage in post send of the interceptor configured. The ErrorMessage carries a throwable(SerializationFailedException) which is not an instance of MessagingException.

    Hence I am not able to identify the message which failed.

    Can anyone advise?

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    Will this be fixed in the next release?
    Is there a workaround I can apply?


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      Can you provide more of your configuration as well as the stacktrace. I'm specifically interested in where the serialization exception is occurring.



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        Mark the exception occurs when
        Here is my queue and publsub channels configuration:
        <si:channel id="EntityUpdatedEventQ">
        <si:queue message-store="DispacthUpdatedEventMsgStore" capacity="10" />

        <si:chain input-channel="EntityUpdatedEventQ" output-channel="EntityUpdatedEventPubSubChnl">
        <sioller fixed-rate="30000" max-messages-per-poll="1">
        <si:transactional transaction-manager="txManager" />
        <si:filter ref="GlobalMsgSelector" />

        The error occurs when the poller picks a message and tries to deserialize it. The class with which the message was created was moved to a different package. Hence deserialization fails.
        The exception is given to the error channel interceptor as ErrorMessage.

        Please let me know if you need more details.


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          Can you please create a JIRA? We can wrap the exception that occurs within the poller if necessary.

          Also, when posting code excerpts be sure to use the [ CODE ] [ /CODE ] tags (without spaces).


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            thanks Mark.
            I have already created one yesterday. Here it is
            Last edited by ravikr02; Sep 22nd, 2011, 11:02 PM.


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              Nevertheless, can you show your stacktrace?

              Artem Bilan