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  • FTP Inbound Adapter help needed

    I need to monitor remote web-site for a single file and download it
    everytime it changes.
    I was able to use the ftp inbound Adapter and wrote my own filter, but it doesn't download
    till i delete the file locally, once i delete the file it is downloaded again, but i don't get a message on the Channel anymore.

    Can this be done with the Adapter, or i will have to write my own Adapter.

    Any hints or direction appreciated.


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    FTP inbound adapter, no message on channell

    Hi Spring experts and users, need help and direction
    This is the behavior
    1. Files get downloaded first time, only have one file to be downloaded
    2. Message is pushed on the ftpChannel associated with the adapter
    3. I have a Filter defined which checks for file timestamp on remote ftp server
    4. If i delete the file from the local location the file gets downloaded again,
    BUT not message is pushed to the ftpChannel.
    5. How would i get fix that behavior ( how can a message be published on channel everytime the file gets downloaded , am i doing something wrong.)

    Is it possible to implement this in some other way or Is it possible to override the behavior or extend the current ftp adapter .

    the code is exactly from the sample in spring integration.