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  • Altering GatewayProxyFactoryBean behaviour when Proxying a Method with no Arguments

    Hi all,

    When using GatewayProxyFactoryBean, I noticed that it's behaviour when proxying a method with no arguments is to wait for an incoming message via receive(...), without actually sending a message.

    I wanted different behaviour in this case; specifically, I wanted the proxy to send a message anyway for a method with no args, via sendAndReceive(...). After examining the code, I came up with the following quick workaround which is currently meeting my requirements:

    Step 1 - annotate the desired gateway interface method with a payload annotation, that uses a SpEL expression to create a payload instance:

    @Payload("new Item()")
    List<Item> findAllItems();
    Step 2 - annotate a corresponding service implementation method with a service activator annotation:

    public List<Item> findAllItems() {
    Step 3 - Copy the source of GatewayProxyFactoryBean (v2.0.4) into a new class, e.g. NoArgMethodCapableGatewayProxyFactoryBean (in the same package) and comment out lines 264-270. This ensures that sendAndReceive(...) is called instead of receive(...) with an empty args Object array, in the case where the method has no arguments.

    Step 4 - Define a spring application context to wire up a gateway proxy using the above implementation to a service bean, via a channel and service activator as usual.

    The above is currently working for me, personally I think it would be great if the GatewayProxyFactoryBean behaviour for a no-arg method could be configurable, either use the current receive(...) behaviour, or use sendAndReceive(...) if a payload is configured either by a method annotation as above, or by xml configuration.

    Any feedback would be appreciated.



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    Could you please explain your use case? I am just afraid that there is a much simpler solution to what you are trying to accomplish.
    The idea behind MessagingGateway is to provide a POJO interface to a Messaging System and it follows certain contract
    1. Method with void return and arguments will be treated as send(Message) where arguments will be converted to a Message
    2. Method with return value and arguments will be treated as sendAndRecieve(Message) where arguments will be converted to a Message and reply Message converted to a POJO
    3. Method with return value and no-arguments will be treated as receive() where a Message received from the reply-channel will be converted to a POJO

    I am truly wondering about your use case that made you do what you described


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      Maybe it is enough to send ApplicationEvent?

      class MyGataway implements ApplicationEventPublisherAware {
      public void send() {
                    applicationEventPublisher.publishEvent(new MyEvent(true));
      And SI config:
      HTML Code:
       <channel id="myChannel"/>
      <event:inbound-channel-adapter channel="myChannel"
      <service-activator input-channel="myChannel" ref="myService"/>
      And service-method must have only one parameter Object o

      is it appropriate?

      Or it is very simple:
      List<Item> findAllItems(Boolean b);
      If your payload will be null that Message will never go

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