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  • Spring Integration Sample Ideas

    If you have ideas for anything you would like to see addressed in the Spring Integration Samples repository, feel free to open a ticket here:

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    In running the ws-inbound-gateway sample, using SI 2.1 and Hamcrest 1.2-all jar, I ran into a problem with the InboundGatewayTests sample unit test.

    The assertThat with Junit is apparently not exactly the same as the assertThat with Hamcrest, and I have Hamcrest higher in the pom since I use Hamcrest matchers more than Junit.

    I ended up switching the code
    assertThat(reply, is(DOMSource.class));
    to use another Hamcrest matcher:
    assertThat(reply, instanceOf(DOMSource.class));
    I think the instanceOf() is more appropriate for the assert you intended, so you may want to use it in your unit tests.


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      Nice Examples
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        Hi Mark,
        Some suggestions
        1. More JMX based examples
        2. Would be great to have example that integrate with NoSQL datastores like Redis for instance if possible.
        3. Example/documentation on writing a new custom component with xsd support (and if possible with a custom image that STS could pick from for the integration graph).

        Will raise the JIRAs



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          Having problem with :imap-idle-channel-adapter

          I am new to this Spring Integration. I am using spring-integration-mail-2.2.0.M3. I have a scenario of keep looking a mail account and create a record in database as soon as I get a mail. I have below configuration

          <int-mail:imap-idle-channel-adapter id="customAdapter"

          <utilroperties id="javaMailProperties">
          <prop key="mail.imap.socketFactory.class"> SSLSocketFactory</prop>
          <prop key="mail.imap.socketFactory.fallback">false</prop>
          <prop key="">imaps</prop>
          <prop key="mail.debug">true</prop>

          public void initMailSender() {
          System.out.println("^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Inside Init");
          inputChannel.subscribe(new MessageHandler() {

          public void handleMessage(Message<?> message)
          throws MessagingException {

          System.out.println("^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ lai mayandi message vanthiruku " + message.toString());


          I am expecting the “handleMessage” should be invoked as sson as I get any mail for allen, but I am not getting the control over here.

          Can you please let me anything wrong here?

          I suspect the below url

          Here I have “imaps://[Email ID]:[Password]:[Email Server Host]:[IMAP Port]/[Domain Name]/[Mail Box Name]

          I tried many combinations nothing worked out.

          Note : I have Apache James mail server running on my local and created domain name as “” also created email name “allen” with password “allen” under domain “”

          Please help me in fixing this.


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            I entered two into Jira.. One for showing an example with Human based "tasks".. IE using Spring Integration where a step in the flow has human interaction... I'm actually planning to try this out but would have loved to see Spring Int Team's thoughts on how to accomplish.. For the record I plan to have many small flows.. for instance a flow that is trigger by email receipt does a few things and ends.. The human interaction will occur (really outside of Spring Int) but it's end result is dropping a message on the queue which will trigger another Spring Int flow.. There will be many of these in the lifecycle of the Object that came in from the email int he first flow... In a traditional workflow engine this might be one single flow..

            The second sample idea I submitted was for actual integration with a workflow engine (such as Activiti)