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  • deadlocks in channels...

    I have put a flow where a component keeps sending messages to a channel and a channel adaptor handler is consuming messages off the channel. My config looks like below:

       <channel id="myChannel">
       		<queue capacity="5000"/>
       <outbound-channel-adapter ref="handler" method="handle" channel="myChannel">
    	   <poller fixed-rate="100"/>
     <bean id="handler" class="MyHandler"/>
    The sending component keep sending messages at regular intervals using the fragement below
     myChannel.send(new GenericMessage<MyModel>(obj));
    And the receiving component processes the message inside the handle method.

    This all seems to work 98% of the time. On rare occassions, the consumer is not receiving messages from the channel even though the producer is sending to it. I had some shutdown script which shows the queue size of the channel is not 0 at the time of shutdown, but the consumer simply can't consume them. Once I bounce the process and resend the messages, then the entire flow works again.

    I was wondering if there are any known issues such as deadlocks etc that can occur when using the same channel to send and receive messages. There are no errors/exceptions reported in logs.

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    Are you still having this problem? I'd like to see some testcase to reproduce it; we can't rule out a deadlock problem in SI too soon.