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  • mongo-template-ref in repository element?


    I'm using version 3.1.2.RELEASE of Spring.

    I would like to be able to specify the template bean that backs my repository bean, using the Spring MongoDB data library. seems to suggest that you may have a mongo-template-ref parameter as an attribute of a repository element (nested inside of a repositories element) in the application context xml. However, when I try this, I get an exception when trying to instantiate the bean saying that the "mongoTemplate" bean cannot be found-- even though I actually specified a different MongoTemplate bean to use.

    In case it is relevant, my MongoTemplate bean is specified in terms of a FactoryBean.

    I notice that if I have the mongo-template-ref attribute in the repositories element instead, then things seem to work, but this won't be as convenient when I have more than one repository.

    My MongoTemplate bean is specified as:
    <bean id="jobMongoTemplate"
        <constructor-arg name="mongoManager" ref="developmentMongoManager" />
        <constructor-arg name="dbName" value="Jobs" />
    My repositories element, with the mongo-template-ref attribute on the repository element is:
      <mongo:repositories base-package="[...].repositories">
        <mongo:repository id="jobRepository" mongo-template-ref="mongoTemplate"/>
    JobRepository is the only interface that exists in the specified repositories package.

    Can the mongo-template-ref attribute in fact be used in the repository element... or does it only work in the repositories element? Is there a possible complication from using a FactoryBean to produce the MongoTemplate bean?

    Thank you.

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    The <repository /> element was removed in Spring Data MongoDB 1.2.0. The workaround is to use two <repositories /> elements with dedicated include/exclude filters and set the mongo-template-ref attribute on the repositories element.