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  • How to query for a nested document by its ID


    I'm quite new to Mongo & Spring data.
    I'm writing a complex but straight-forward data project using spring-data-mongodb (1.0.3.RELEASE)
    So far, everything worked more-or-less as expected, until I got stuck with this issue, and had no luck finding any similar working examples on the web.

    I have a document nested in a POJO list within another document.
    I want to query according to the nested document's ID.

    For abstractation, my objects are:
    public class Doc1{
    @Id private String id; private List<Mapping> mappings;
    } public class Mapping{
    private Provider provider; private String data;
    } public class Provider{
    @Id private String id; private String name;
    I get the expected results when querying directly as follows:
    db.doc1.find({ "mappings.provider._id" : ObjectId("50cc34b25cf2ed0193f384ed") })
    I tried querying for it through code in all sorts of ways:
    • Via a @Query annotation, searching for .id / ._id / .$id, passing to it String, ObjectId or Provider
    • Via the Query/Criteria API, passing to it String, ObjectId, BasicDbObject

    Currently, I worked around the problem in the following manner:
        public List<Doc1> findByProviderId(String providerId) {
            Provider provider = mongoTemplate.findById(providerId, Provider.class);
            Criteria criteria = Criteria.where("").is(provider.getName());
            return mongoTemplate.find(Query.query(criteria), Doc1.class);
    This works, but I really want to query by the ID, since I don't want to index name, and also there're other fields and the name isn't guaranteed to be unique.
    Also, I don't want to use a @DBRef since I want the object's snapshot in its last save stored, and I want to use its fields for queries.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    Last edited by ananken; Dec 16th, 2012, 09:57 AM.