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  • Need a good explanation of the different index types

    Sorry forgot to add, using SDN

    So I am trying to write some queries based on properties that have indexes, and the results I expect are not the results I get, and I think it is because of the type of index that I am using. And in looking at IndexType I realized I didn't fully understand what they mean.

    So is there a good place to find out exactly what FULLTEXT means and what SIMPLE, UNIQUE and POINT mean.

    I expected FULLTEXT to mean if I had a String

    "Hello World How Are You Doing"

    I could search for "How" and that string would return. But I am not seeing that I have a property title in my event and one node with the value

    "USC Game3 - Against Rival UCLA"

    If I search for "USC*" I get that row, but if I search for "UCLA*" I do not. If I search for "Against" I do not get that row either. So I am thinking that what I am expecting is what you get with PLAIN index instead?

    Thanks for help clarifying.


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    I trust you have read ?

    In the source code, it is clear that SDN/ Neo4j just delegate to Lucene for indexing, so I am guessing whatever documentation they supply would be relevant too.

    And of course, Neo4j Spatial should have some details about the POINT index type.




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      There is something in SDN that is making it not work correctly, because I can use the same query in the shell and it work, but in SDN code it doesn't work as advertising.

      As far as the documentation for SDN goes, Michael knows that I feel that the docs are lacking in real explanations beyond the thin surface and it should be more detailed as at this time (and that we are working on that), that is the only source of documentation that is out there. So the docs don't explain how each index types works in SDN, even if delegating.




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        The docs could be better, I agree.

        Also, we have work to do:

        I am just wondering whether Lucene-foo can unblock this issue in the whort term?