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  • Maven archetype for new Spring-data-neo4j project

    I am new to Neo4J and Spring-data but familiar with Spring-MVC.
    However, after spending a whole day with the downloaded code of the cineasts application, I cant get to modify things and play around it. In fact, from my eclipse, I am not able to even right-click deploy it to my local tomcat. The first page comes up but then any of the server calls fail. Maybe I am doing something wrong here and I will figure that out. That leads me to the question - is there a way I can create a HelloWorld Neo4J project using a maven archetype. This will simply have two nodes and a edge and will not have any of the MVC involved. If I can get that, then I know how to read through the code and figure out how the configurations make sense.

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    There probably isn't a good archetype out there that will give you a clean start. Unfortunately, all the ones out there are tied to things like Sitemesh, or some other combination like Spring with Spring MVC and Hibernate.

    I would recommend Spring Roo to start things up, creating just the Maven directory structure and the pom file, then going through the Neo4j documentation in the tutorial to see what you have to add to the pom file, the web.xml etc.

    I had gone the Roo route. I went too far and built scaffolding and had tried out the Neo4j AddOn, but the Web scaffolding, I found to be too tightly coupled with technology that I believe is inferior choices, like not using Jackson for json, and they choose Dojo instead of JQuery. But that is neither here nor there.

    You could just copy the pom file from the cineasts directory, create the maven directory and go from there, that wouldn't be too difficult either.

    Good Luck



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      Thanks Mark for the suggestions.
      Where can I find information on how to add the Neo4j add-on to my Roo project.
      I have Roo 1.1.4 and the 'hint' command on the shell does not provide any pointer.



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        I found a similar thread on the forum, so I have re-posted this there.
        Here is the link: