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  • Issue with Spring Mongodb RC1.0

    I used 1.0M4 (with core 1.2.0M1), mongo driver 2.6.5, without problems. But after upgrade to 1.0RC1 (and core 1.2.0RC1), mongo driver 2.7.2, I have a problem:

    query {"name":"root", "isDeleted" : false} return null.

    I then revert back to Spring mongo 1.0M4 + core 1.2.0 M1 + driver 2.7.2, same query is ok.

    So it is not caused by the mongodb driver then.

    any idea why?

    name is the string, isDeleted is Boolean.

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    My code is something like this:

    Query query = new Query(Criteria.where(Constants.MODEL_ID).is(id));
    query.addCriteria (Criteria.where("isDeleted").is(false));
    HashMap user = mongoTemplate.findOne (query, HashMap.class, "users");

    it returns null although there is a document matching the criteria (it returns the correct document if I use M4)


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      Would you mind coming up with a more detailed context? What's the data inside your collection, what does the actually generated query look like? What if you try executing the generated query in the mongo shell?


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        * mongo shell is ok.

        * logger.debug("queryByAttribute : " + query.getQueryObject().toString()) output : {"name":"root", "isDeleted" : false}

        * User Data :
        "_id" : "c9d36006-5972-468a-a2bb-403b29faf3f9",
        "name" : "root",
        "displayName" : "root",
        "password" : new BinData(0, "Y6nw6nu5gFB5a2SehUgYRQ=="),
        "roles" : ["db2962f4-2993-4e82-b77a-635ae845ecaa"],
        "organizationId" : "1feaf1f0-85d9-44c8-8ce6-89de43f31be9",
        "departmentId" : "1feaf1f0-85d9-44c8-8ce6-89de43f31be9",
        "isDeleted" : false,
        "createdTime" : new Date("Mon, 12 Dec 2011 13:41:08 GMT +08:00"),
        "lastModifiedTime" : new Date("Mon, 12 Dec 2011 13:41:08 GMT +08:00")