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  • Bind multiple entries


    I need to insert multiple entries into the LDAP for a dn.
    Is it possible to do so using the spring-ldap-1.3.0?
    I find the bind method where single entry can be made.
    Please help

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    I need to insert multiple entries into the LDAP for a dn.
    That's like saying you want multiple rows for a primary key in a relational database. Not possible. You don't mean multiple values for an attribute, by any chance? If so, it's described in the reference manual, here.


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      Hi Ulsa,

      I dint mean multiple attributes.
      I meant how to insert multiple entries for a tree.
      For example I need to insert uid="john" uid="smith" uid="jane" and henceforth for a tree .
      That means I need to make a batch insert into a particlar tree.
      Is there a way to do that.
      Thank you


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        OK, I get it. It was the "for a dn" part that fooled me.

        To my knowledge, there is no concept of batch processing in JNDI. Compare with batch insert in JDBC, where the goal is to minimize the number of JDBC calls. Or with Hibernate, where the automatic caching will fill up your memory unless you enable batch processing. LDAP connections are so cheap and the bind is a single atomic operation, so I don't think those problems exist in the JNDI/LDAP world.

        That being said, LDAP has of course the versatile LDIF format, which is used when operating on multiple entries. I suppose that would be one way to go. As it happens, Spring LDAP trunk contains an LDIF parser which could perhaps be useful for you. Or you could just run a command line tool like ldapadd or whatever tools you have in your environment.