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    Warning: Newbie alert...

    Hello experts, been working with an embedded OpenDS java webapp and planning on putting Spring-LDAP on top of it to enforce access control to other webapps running on this enterprise software.

    Therefore, when a user is logged in, the server-side will query the LDAP directory for what "groups" the said user is a part of. If the user wants to access a certain feature, they'll need to be a part of the group related to the feature to use it.

    I have no problem with creating entries and working with objectClasses but I can't seem to find any information on how to create a parent entry (example: dc=example,dc=com). I'd like to create a parent entry to something like "dc=ecsl,dc=com" but cannot find any info on how to do this. I've been using the LDAP Eclipse plugin and can create entries to the dc=example,dc=com entry since that is considered a parent entry. When I go to create dc=ecsl,dc=com I get an error saying that I have not chosen a parent entry for this to attach to, even though I want dc=ecsl,dc=com to be a parent entry to add organizationalUnits of objectClass person and groupOfNames.

    When everything is said and done, I'd like this to be my schema:

    +ou=people,dc=ecsl,dc=com (objectClass: organizationalUnit)
    -ou=groups,dc=ecsl,dc=com (objectClass: organizationalUnit)
    +ou=Group1,ou=groups,dc=ecsl,dc=com (objectClass: groupOfNames)
    +ou=Group2,ou=groups,dc=ecsl,dc=com (objectClass: groupOfNames)
    How do I make that darn parent entry? Thanks for any tips!! I've also been trying to access but it seems to be down.


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    Check this thread.