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  • vlv support

    I noticed in some older threads discussion about support for VLV. It was supposed to be in 1.2.1, since it was not ready for 1.2.

    As far as I can tell it is not in 1.2.1 either, is that correct? Any plans?

    Some directory servers, like SunONE Dir Server 5.2, support only VLV, and no support for Simple Paged Results.

    If 1.2.1 does not support VLV, any advice on how to add support for this?

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    We have been postponing the Virtual List View (VLV) support for quite some time. As I commented on the one of the JIRA issues:

    I realize that it's annoying for those that are interested in this control that we keep moving it. However, we are currently very limited in our resources and we have to prioritize. After all, the control infra-structure is there, which enables anyone to write their own DirContextProcessor implementation.
    A first draft is available in the sandbox. We have no Sun ONE server at our disposal, and servers like ApacheDS and OpenLDAP don't support it, which means testing it is difficult for us.

    It should be noted that the RFC draft for VLV has been discontinued and the server support for it is limited. However, if anyone feels that it is worth the effort of getting this running, please go ahead. Send me a private message and we can continue from there.


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      Thanks for the clarifications Ulrik. I sent you a private message.

      ActiveDirectory also supports VLV. But the real issue is with Sun ONE, since it supports only VLV.


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        Is VLV support in the most recent 1.3 release?


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          No, we're still struggling with this one.


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            Gotcha, thanks for the reply! I'm struggling with working around the 'sizelimit exceeded' error. Do you know how VLV is different from using PagedResultsDirContextProcessor in terms of results returned from the server?


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              I would say that they suffer from the same problem. Perhaps VLV even more so, since it requires the result to be sorted. Paged results doesn't.