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  • Spring LDAP 1.2 Released

    Dear Spring Community,
    We are pleased to announce the release of Spring LDAP version 1.2. This is a major release, introducing a number of new features and bug fixes, including the following:

    Java5 Generics support is now provided with the spring-ldap-tiger.jar binary, intruducing a SimpleLdapTemplate and a ParameterizedContextMapper.

    Client-Side Transaction Support
    Client-side LDAP transactions are now supported using the ContextSourceTransactionManager.

    Simplified API methods
    Several parts of the API have been simplified by introducing new methods. E.g. there is now a lookupContext(DN) and a modifyAttributes(DirContextOperations) method in LdapTemplate. Using these new methods an update operation can now be written in a very compact manner:
    DirContextOperations ctx = ldapTemplate.lookupContext(entryDn);
    ctx.setAttributeValue("someAttribute", "somevalue");
    // Set more attribute values here
    New methods to simplify accessing parts of DistinguishedNames have also been added.

    Package restructuring
    Due to some package inconsistencies the package structure was modified in version 1.2-RC1 of Spring LDAP. Consequently, version 1.2 is NOT a drop-in replacement for version 1.1.2. A detailed upgrade guide is however provided, and upgrading should not present very much trouble.

    The above are just some of the highlights. For a full list of all changes, refer to the changelog
    Binaries are available for download here

    As always comments, improvement suggestions and patches are most welcome, here on the forum or on the JIRA issue tracker

    The Spring LDAP Team
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    Great work! Congratulations on this new release!

    When are the Maven repos going to be updated?


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      Yes, as always the mvn stuff is slightly behind. We'll try to get it in place as soon as possible.


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        Connection Pooling - Validation

        Any idea on when the code donated here Per-ContextSource pooling library will make it into a release?


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          We are aiming to add it in the next release. I will be trying to get it out of the sandbox and into the main codebase shortly, making it available in the nightly builds at least.


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            Spring LDAP 1.2 in Maven repo

            Just to let you guys know, the latest release is now available in maven. Please note that there's a new groupId for Spring LDAP from this version on; the groupid is now org.springframework.ldap (this is to conform to the standard used in all the different spring framework sub projects).

            There are two artifacts: spring-ldap and spring-ldap-tiger



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              I appreciate you making it available in the maven repository ( I was waiting for this before I upgraded to 1.2. Thanks a bunch!


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                Jayway guys,

                Which repo is that?

                I don't see it here:

                I need those jars


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                  As I said in the announcement, the groupId has changed in this release, from org.springframework to org.springframework.ldap, so you'll find the binaries here:
                  Spring LDAP Java 1.5 support can be found here:


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                    Thanks Mattias!