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  • AttributeInUseException if attribute values differ only in case

    I have been using LdapTemplate's modifyAttributes(javax.naming.Name dn,[] mods) as per documentation and ran into a peculiar situation.

    My modification items are:

    Modification item: Add attribute: objectclass: groupOfUniqueNames
    Modification item: Remove attribute: objectclass: groupofuniquenames

    As you can see, the problem is that the values of attribute "objectclass" differ only in case and, since LDAP is not case sensitive, exception [LDAP: error code 20 - Attribute Or Value Exists] is thrown.

    There might be two ways to correct this:

    (1) Change the code not to be case sensitive or
    (2) First perform remove, then add.

    Could somebody from the developers team take a look at this please? Thank you.

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    This exact problem has been addressed in the 1.2-RC1 release. The modification item calculation has been greatly improved in this version. Please give it a try to see if it solves your problems. Feedback would be appreciated.


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      Wonderful! I swapped 1.2-RC1 in and adjusted for the code changes as suggested in upgrade documents. As a result, my lowercase/uppercase problems disappeared. Thank you so much!