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  • LDAP Error 0x34


    I am using Sun Iplanet Directory Server 5.2 and LDAP Version 3.0 to fetch records. The Problem currently i am facing is as follow

    I have made three conection to Iplanet Directory with same authentication level. Each connection apply diferent filter and fetch records.
    First rule fetch 15000 records.
    and 2nd and third fetch 700 record each and this schedule is to be run on every day.
    First time it fetch records correctly but when on next day it ran again 2nd and third filter run correctly but when first filter is applied the API ldap_search_s() return error code 0x34. Why this happen? the other two are working fine and these three connections are part of one application. Can any one help me out please.

    Imtiaz Khadim

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    According to this page, ldap error code 0x34 beans 'LDAP_INVALID_DN_SYNTAX', which indicates that you specify a syntactically incorrect Distinguished Name.


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      LDAP Error 0x34

      Hi rasky,

      Actually this error 0x34 is LDAP_UNAVAILABLE. In WLDAP32.DLL this error respresent Server is not available. If it is syntax error then first time how it run successfully with same settings. It create error when next day it reschedule. I check in log of my software it is not filter syntax error. Can u help me in this regard. Your r confusing the 0x34=52 decimal and 0x22=34 decimal i am talking about 0x34=52. The situation is very critical

      Imtiaz Khadim


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        Right, my bad.

        It does sound like a problem with the server (in which case I'll have to refer you to the support and documentation for the specific server), but I'll need some more information about what you're trying to do (i.e. code snippets, configuration, full exception stack trace etc), in order to be more helpful.


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          LDAP_UNAVALIABLE=0x34=52 Decimal

          Hi rasky,
          Please help me
          i am using Microsoft LDAP API(3.0) in delphi 7.0 here is the code snippets.

          //Initialization session with Directory Server
          FActiveDirSession := ldap_init(PChar(Host), PortNumber);

          //Binding with Server
          Result := ldap_Connect(FActiveDirSession, nil);
          Result := ldap_simple_bind_s(FActiveDirSession,PChar(User),P Char

          The search record using
          Result := ldap_search_s(FActiveDirSession, PChar(BaseDN),SearchScope ,PChar(Filter),nil,Cardinal(False),Messages);

          It will fetch records correctly but when the same search function is called after one day it will return error 0x34=52 in decimal, remeber during one day delay, session is not closed. Can any one help me out what is the actual probelm is it problem of Sun directory Server or my program has the fault.
          If it is the problem of Driectory Server then guide me the solution how solve it.

          Imtiaz Khadim