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  • ldaptemplate, acegi and spring-ws almost working together

    I am using acegi security with spring-ws, utilizing ldap for authentication. Authentication wasn't working giving the following error regarding an unfollowed reference. My example below is using ldapsearch to illustrate the problem - it finds my entry but also gives an unfollowed reference which seems to cause a failure.
    I then added to my local hosts file an entry for pointing to the local ldap server and now it works. Looking at the results of the ldapsearch I can see that it finds the account, however it seems to continue to look and wants to follow a reference (which doesn't work if there isn't a dns entry for it). This is probably an ldap config issues, but perhaps it could be handled in the code too. Is there a way to do this search (in aceig security really, but ldapsearch just for testing) so that there are no unfollowed references?
    I hope I explained this issue ok - thanks for any help.
    (note that n.n.n.n below is a mask for the ip address for this example only, not the actual number).
    ... Rich

    c:\kits>ldapsearch -b "dc=mytest,dc=com" -D "CN=LDAP Restricted,CN=Users,DC=my
    test,DC=com" -h n.n.n.n -d -s sub -w "Password" "sAMAccountName=rfarrell"
    CN=Richard D. Farrell,OU=R&D,OU=Technical,DC=mytest,DC=com

    Unfollowed reference(s)
    ref: ldap://,DC=mytest,DC=com

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    I think you should post the question in the Acegi-security forum; acegi isn't using Spring LDAP in the current version.


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      Ok, I will - that probably does make sense. I see it's using import org.acegisecurity.ldap.LdapTemplate;
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