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  • jdk 1.3 support


    first, I should say that I like the LDAP Template.
    second, well ..., currently I can't use it, because I'm still on jdk 1.3 (WebSphere 5). So, my question would be: do you guys intend to bake in support for jdk 1.3?

    I looked at the source code and it seems to me that the problems amount to
    1) use of class
    2) use of the java.util.regexp package

    The URI is used in exactly one place (just one method). The regexp package could be replaced with a jdk 1.3 compliant regexp lib (maybe ORO?).

    What do you think?


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    The use of the URI is rather limited (needed only when unsafe characters are used in the base path), so I guess that could be worked around one way or the other.

    When it comes to regular expressions I'm a little bit more hesitant to use some external library for something that's already included in the API. That said, we have already discussed replacing the regexp code in the DistinguishedName parsing for other reasons. That change is unlikely to happen before version 1.1 however (then again that could change if someone else wants to help us out).

    Whether these two modifications will be enough to let you make use of our library under 1.3 is a different matter. Might be other stuff in there or in our dependencies. Guess you'll need to really check it to know for sure.