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    First off, let me say that I appreciate what you are doing to allow us to leverage Spring in our Gemfire applications. With that being said, what type of support do you plan on adding going forward from here? I have already looked at your JIRA site, and see no mention of future capabilities.

    In particular, I'm interested in seeing support for injecting beans for classes that are currently being configured by listing a static method (with no arguments) in the properties file (for example: security-client-accessor, security-client-auth-init, security-client-authenticator) and better support for wiring up a ClientCache for use with multiuser-authentication.

    While I can configure the ClientCache by using the available Factory classes, the static-initialized classes are something that I have not been able to figure out how to set outside of the properties files. This makes injecting beans into these classes difficult without leveraging something like AspectJ.

    I plan on starting to convert our server-side code to use the spring namespace elements tomorrow. I'll be sure to let you know of any pitfalls that I run into.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    ~ Mitch

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    Thanks Mitch!

    Regarding the roadmap we're interested in getting feedback from the community and addressing its needs. The major starting areas have been addressed so now we're trying to find out more about the common patterns used out there.
    Things like security configurations are one such case - would you mind describing the scenario and your current configuration (and your expectations).
    Adding AspectJ into the mix is undesired in a distributed environment since the library would have to be propagated over all nodes - maybe we can do something else (especially if we get some support from GemFire).


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      Hey, Thanks for the information...