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  • Spring client setup for getting/setting data for Gemfire Sub Region

    I have searched every where and tried different ways, but not able to figure out how to go about putting and getting data in Gemfire sub region. Anyone has a sample? I was trying to do it via Client-REgion, but that doesnt' seem to be the right way to do it. But haven't been able to even get it start up if I use other type of configuration, i.e. lookup etc. since my understanding those are server side configurations and not for client/server topology.

    Any help?

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    Here is what I am trying to do at client spring config

    <gfe:client-region id="local" name="localregion" cachel-ref="client-cache">
    But the region I need to reach path is /localregion/localsub. Why the heck doesn't spring have proper documentation on how to use sub regions? Also their configuration for Sub Region setup for cache server doesn't work, on side note.

    ONly gemfire gfsh command line works for creating sub regions.

    I doubt anyone will answer this question, but, I think it would help out someone if someone successfully is able to inject a subregion into GemfireTemplate successfully.


    • #3 the spring-config
      In this scenario, you should be able to create a GemFireTemplate with a reference to a subregion. However, I understand there is an issue with client regions, so subregions with client regions may not work currently with spring configuration


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        Thank you David for that info. The basic region setup works for me for the Server sub region creation.But I am bit confused by how I would use the sample above for accessing sub regions on servers? I thought partition region is only for server setup and not for client access? I tried to use the config suggested above and as expected it doesn't work for Client cache.

        So I am confused or maybe I am missing something, but seems like there is no way to access subregion in client server topology within Spring config? That seems to defeat the whole purpose of trying to use Spring to access gemfire if so? Browsing through the samples you created, I didn't see any sample that do access sub regions seems like via client cache.


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          @pegasus I realize this post is a bit dated and I apologize for the gap in communication. The underlying problem was identified and fixed in the 1.4.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT FYI. See JIRA SGF-241 for further details.