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  • Adding file system Tx implementation to Spring

    Hi all!

    I have coded (as one of my project's side-effect ) a little Tx framework using common filesystem as a transactional resource with help of Jakarta Commons Transaction lib.

    My code was heavily inspired by Spring FW and existing Spring Tx layer implementations, as i have used Hibernate and JDBC data access from spring in some earlier projects.

    Since this implementation inherits the full ACID capability of Jakarta Commons Transaction "beneath" it, transaction isolation, etc. this Tx layer is equally valueable Tx solution when file system Tx is needed (or fail-proof RDBMS to file data transport is needed and vice versa).

    I'd like to donate it to Spring as a new transactional data access layer, but before it happens, it should be refitted a little bit (refactored to use existing Spring inners. currently i have some my own Tx support instead of Spring's one).

    Any guideline? Any advice where to start?
    Not that i'm lazy to read existing impls, but it would speed the process up.
    Or publish this code in Rob's Spring Modules?

    Tx in advance

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    Can it be combined with Lucene? (I`m doing a lot with Lucene.. )


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      Originally posted by Alarmnummer
      Can it be combined with Lucene? (I`m doing a lot with Lucene.. )
      Well, i don't know Lucene (baside it's from Apache), but if i could integrate my TxFS with Spring it would behave just as any other Data Access solution.

      Look at for deeper description of Commons Tx. It is very simple to use.

      My current solution only "imitates" Spring's Tx support by implicit Tx bounding, Spring-like Tx definition and so on...

      Mail me for a current code. But this state will _not_ be compatible with a potential Spring integration due to my own Tx handling, even if it's (structure) resembles spring.