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  • Text Field To Populate Data

    I am working on an Issue Management Web Application - where in people working on various projects report Issues.

    In this context, I have a Form wherein there are fields to populate ProjectID, Issue Summary, Issue Description, etc.

    For an Issue to be reported, ProjectID should exist in the DB. So the user needs to populate this "Project ID" text field in order to "submit" an Issue.

    I am using Spring MVC for this project. What is the best approach in Spring Framework - to design this "Project ID Text Field" that would enable the user to select the Project ID on the fly?

    What I tried and Worked:
    1. Drop Down - Not Advisable since the Project ID keeps growing over time.
    2. Present a Search Page - Get the results as a Report, then click the Project ID hyper link that launches the "Issue Submit Form" - Not an Elegant Approach, since it calls for two pages to input a single field and also two additional controllers.
    3. Just a Text Field - Not an Elegant approach, since the value provided by the user may not exist in the DB or the user can make typos.

    What I have seen Plain Jane Web Apps:
    1. Java script based popup window - In this approach the java script has code to connect to the db, fetches results, constructs an array and the user needs to select the choice and this goes to the parent form field.

    2. Java script based Auto-Complete Text Fields - More of the same as above.

    I need to get the Project ID from the DB whenever the Form is Loaded - since Project IDs keeps growing. What is an elegant approach in Spring Framework please?

    Thanks In Advance for Suggestions.
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    Finally I settled with JQuery and implemented this form. It works like a charm!


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      Originally posted by nrganeshbabu View Post
      Finally I settled with JQuery and implemented this form. It works like a charm!
      I have the same situation. I am new to Jquery. It would be great if you can help me with the solution.