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  • For BLOB: Is there a special lobhandler for PostgreSQL

    or DefaultLobHandler is fine? I see there is a special handler for Oracle.

    I tried DefaultLobHandler, but it gives me error when I try to save the object: SQL error shows that I am trying to insert an expression of bytea to a oid column.

    The table is generated by using schemaexport. The code is as follows:

    * @return Returns the content.
    * column="content"
    * type=" lobByteArrayType"
    * update="false"
    * not-null="true"
    public byte[] getContent() {
    return content;
    * @param content The content to set.
    public void setContent(byte[] content) {
    this.content = content;

    When using spring DefaultLobHandler, unit test failed:

    [junit] [mytest] ERROR [main] JDBCExceptionReporter.logExceptions(72) | ERROR: column "content" is of type oid but expression is of type bytea

    Again, the table is generated by schemaexport - looks like it set the BLOB column to type oid.

    Any idea? Thanks.

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    Do you have the generated DDL or could you go into psql and issue a \d 'tablename' command and post the results?


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      create table blob_tb (
      id int8 not null,
      name varchar(256) not null,
      createdt timestamp not null,
      content oid not null,
      size int8 not null,
      primary key (id)


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        I gave up on Blob, just use byte[] and it works fine.

        There are two type of blob storage in postgresql: bytea and oid. Looks like hibernate schemaexport automatically uses oid based on the hbm, but spring's BlobArrayUserType uses bytea.


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          This comes a little too late but FYI, we have moved our app from MySQL to PostgreSQL for a client and we experienced the annoying blob problem also. We have used byte[] at Java level along with bytea for PostgreSQL and everything worked without a problem.


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            yep, costin, that's exactly what I did. bytea holds 1G data in table - that's more than enough for me.