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  • Instance level SimpleJdbcCall thread safe?

    (I'm using Spring 2.5.1.)
    Seeing that a SimpleJdbcCall instance always uses the same parameter names (and types) and ParameterizedRowMapper, I started to declare each SimpleJdbcCall as instance variable in my DAO. In each DAO method, I would instantiate a new SimpleJdbcCall only if the instance is null:

    public class JdbcCoursesDAO extends SimpleJdbcDaoSupport implements CoursesDAO {
        private SimpleJdbcCall sprocAddCourse;
        // Stored procedure name:
        public static final String SP_ADD_COURSE = "Courses_DB.sp_addCourse";
        public Map addCourseDefinition(CourseCatalogRow row) throws SQLException {
            if (sprocAddCourse == null) {
                sprocAddCourse = new SimpleJdbcCall(getJdbcTemplate())
                                             , "cat_id"
                                             , "description"
                                             , "type_id"
                                             , "active")
                                            new SqlParameter("course_name", Types.VARCHAR),
                                            new SqlParameter("description", Types.VARCHAR),
                                            new SqlParameter("cat_id", Types.NUMERIC),
                                            new SqlParameter("type_id", Types.NUMERIC),
                                            new SqlParameter("active", Types.NUMERIC),
                                            new SqlOutParameter("coursedef_id", Types.NUMERIC)
                        .returningResultSet("RESULT_SET", new CourseCatalogRowMapper());
            SqlParameterSource in = new MapSqlParameterSource()
                    .addValue("course_name", row.getCourse_name())
                    .addValue("cat_id", row.getCat_id())
                    .addValue("description", row.getDescription())
                    .addValue("type_id", row.getType_id())
                    .addValue("active", row.isActive());
            Map out = sprocAddCourse.execute(in);
            return out;
    Is this approach thread-safe?
    I'm thinking that since SqlParameterSource is local, that takes care of thread-safety. Is my thinking correct?

    Last edited by fphan; Jun 11th, 2008, 04:13 PM.