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  • Mapping a null property to a primitive

    Hi all,

    I have been looking for a while to find a possible solution to the problem of retrieving an int (a primitive type) from a database table. The database table contains some nulls and that's where I got "IllegalArgumentException"

    This is the mapping of the property posX (in the table this is a FLOAT) which I plan to map to a fload primitive type

    the mapping for the class contains:
    <property name="posX" column="posX" />

    the java class contains
    private long posX;

    plus the usual getter/setter for this field.

    In the Generic DAO class the following piece of code is giving an error in the "return criteria.list();" line. Guess that the problem is that there an assignment of a null value to a primitive field.

    Is there a way to "shield" the application against this kind of problems ?

    How can I define the posX field / or modify the hibernate mapping file to avoid this problem ?

    public List<T> findByCriterion(final Criterion... criterions) {
    return getHibernateTemplate().executeFind(new HibernateCallback() {
    public Object doInHibernate(Session session) throws HibernateException, SQLException {
    Criteria criteria = session.createCriteria(getPersistentClass());
    for (Criterion criterion : criterions) {
    return criteria.list();

    Thank you in advance for any solutions.


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    Can't you change the primitive posX to a Integer object. This shouldn't be a problem when you're using java 5 or higher, cause of the autoboxing feature in java 5.

    Anyway what value would you like to give the posX field in the database field contains a NULL value? Can't you just asign 0 (zero) in de database to every NULL value.
    You can possibly also eliminate them using a where clause in your query.


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      Thank you ceasaro, implemented your suggestion.

      Basically I made the error to use a long for float values So now the posX is defined as Float wrapper. Now the getter and setter have been changed as this.

       //nullable persistent field
         private Float posX;
       public Float getPosX() {
            if (posX == null) {
               return (float) 0;
            } else {
               return posX;
         public void setPosX(Float posX) {
            this.posX = posX;
      Now I am able to get the zero back from the NULL values.

      Thank you again.