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  • Using JDBC support classes in a non-spring environment

    I am interested in incoporating Spring's support classes into a very large project which is primarily using plain JBDC for it's data access. What would be the best way to incorporate Spring's JDBC support for new code while still supporting the usage of traditional JDBC? Using JBoss 3.2.6 and JNDI lookup for Connection's. I would like to continue to use the container's transaction management unless both Spring and JBoss's transaction management could be used together. I have read through the documentation and see that it is supported just with little guidance.

    Thanks for any help..

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    Hello Nivek, have you got any hints about your situation?


    Carlos Morales


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      Using JDBC support classes in a non-spring environment

      Unforunately, no I have not had any responses.


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        I may be just stating the obvious so I apoligise if that's the case...

        Isn't it as simple as:
        JdbcTemplate template = new JdbcTemplate(myDataSource);
        List myList = template.queryForList(sql);
        Maybe I'm missing something... When you say your using the containers transaction managment it's a session bean? "It should just work" (tm) as if your using pure JDBC.