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  • Beginner Q: deleting a list from jdbc using template

    i want to erase a list of records from a database using Spring JdbcTemplate, However i couldnt find the corect method for that. i know with hibernate it is possible, is there a way to erase a list of objects efficiently using JdbcTemplate? (i would appreciate a tiny example)

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    It sounds like you want to issue a SQL "DELETE...WHERE", which you can do via the various update methods of JdbcTemplate.

    There is no way in Spring JDBC to delete all objects in a collection from the database. However, that would usually be too be inefficient, as it would involve n JDBC calls, rather than 1.


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      thanks a lot. i will use update methods. i think it is fine to me it in n iterations.


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        If you don't mind a few roundtrips to the database, then you could use the batchUpdate feature.

        Here is an example where we pass in a JdbcTemplate and a List of Customer objects that should be deleted.

        	private void deleteBatch(JdbcTemplate jt, final List customers) {
        		int[] actualRowsAffected = jt.batchUpdate(
        			"delete from customer where id = ?",
        			new BatchPreparedStatementSetter() {
        				public void setValues(PreparedStatement ps, int i) throws SQLException {
        					ps.setInt(1, ((Customer)customers.get(i)).getId());
        				public int getBatchSize() {
        					return customers.size();
        You need to implement the BatchPrepareStatementSetter with two methods setValues and getBatchSize. The setValues methods gets a PreparedStatment and the index indicating the position in the batch. In our case this corresponds to the position in the List of Customer objects.