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  • Setup LobCleanUpInterceptor

    I have a util class LobCleanUpInterceptor which implements a interceptor and has methods to free temporary Large Objects.

    How do I set up the interceptor in the application context.xml?

    <!-- hibernate session factory -->
    <bean id="mySessionFactory" class="org.springframework.orm.hibernate.LocalSess ionFactoryBean">
    <property name="mappingResources"></>
    <property name="entityInterceptor">
    <ref local="lobCleanUpInterceptor"/>

    does not work..

    Any help is appreciated.

  • #2
    Your config looks ok - do you get an error msg?
    I assume you defined a "lobCleanUpInterceptor" bean ?!


    • #3
      I am not getting any error but when If I call the interceptor this way with the LocalSessionFactoryBean ,
      HibernateTemplate().saveOrUpdate() does not work? My records dont get updated.

      Should this be called elsewhere as I just want to free the temporary large objects associated with the session.


      • #4
        But your update works without the interceptor?

        In which method do you clean your lobs (onSave, postFlush, ...)? Make sure not to clean up before the session is flushed.


        • #5
          Yes, my updates work without the interceptor. I clean up the lobs in the postFlush method.
          Just want to know where to set up the interceptor, application context or some where else.



          • #6
            The LocalSessionFactoryBean should be the right place to do this. As an alternative you can try to assign the filter manually:
            Interceptor intercept = new LobCleanUpInterceptor&#40;&#41;;
            Session ses = HibernateUtil.getSessionFactory&#40;&#41;.openSession &#40;intercept&#41;;
            But according to the API doc ...
            It's preferable to set it on LocalSessionFactoryBean or HibernateTransactionManager to avoid repeated configuration and guarantee consistent behavior in transactions.