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    Has anyone done a toplink JDO layer?

    Will there be TopLink support in the future in spring?


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    There was talk about 4-6 months ago about somebody donating a TopLink implementation of the convenience classes (similar to support for Hibernate, JDO, etc.). I do not believe that ever went anywhere. We haven't had an incredible amount of demand for TopLink support, so developers will probably concentrate on other areas first, although of course it would go in if we did get external help.



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      TopLink support

      It's not something the core team have time to do, and not on our roadmap. However, we'd be very glad if someone contributed it. I know TopLink quite well, so I'd be happy to review and advise, although not write code.

      I did have some interest from Oracle a couple of months ago about helping, but that seems to have stalled...

      Unfortunately it's a non-trivial problem: harder than Hibernate or JDO, because of the need to register a transactional clone with the unit of work.


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        An update on this one: just exchanged emails with an Oracle TopLink guy, and it looks like we may get TopLink support before too long! This would be great, and would mean that Spring works out of the box with all significant ORM technologies.


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          Wow - that would be VERY cool.


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            If you're interested in this thread and involved in a TopLink account, please contact me offline, as having real customers interested in this will definitely ensure that Oracle prioritize it, and I'd like to feed back that interest to my Oracle contact.