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  • JDBCtemplate batchupdate one insert per row greenplum performance

    I am writing a Spring Batch job and everything is going well. However when I try to use the jdbcTemplate.batchupdate it's creating an insert statement per row.
    the following is an example of my code

    ]int[] updateCounts = jdbcTemplate.batchUpdate(sqlStatement,
    					new BatchPreparedStatementSetter() {
    						public int getBatchSize() {
    							return productAdvisories.size();
    						public void setValues(java.sql.PreparedStatement arg0,
    								int arg1) throws SQLException {
                                                                          all correct insert statements here
    } // correct closing items
    we are using the following as a datasource
    <bean id="traceDb" class="org.apache.commons.dbcp.BasicDataSource" destroy-method="close">
    		<property name="driverClassName" value="${traceDB.driverClassName}" />
    		<property name="url" value="${traceDB.url}" />
    		<property name="username" value="${traceDB.username}" />
    		<property name="password" value="${traceDB.password}" />
    		<property name="defaultAutoCommit" value="false"></property>
    		<property name="defaultTransactionIsolation">
    				static-field="org.springframework.transaction.TransactionDefinition.ISOLATION_READ_UNCOMMITTED" />
    I have multi-threading enabled and am using a pagingReader. When I view the GreenPlum(postgres) logs, there is one insert statement being created for each row. I have autocommit turned off in the code and in the database. I would have though the whole point of using batchupdate was so there would be only one insert per chunk?

    If anyone can help I'd appreciate it.

    Best Regards,