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  • Called by TransactionTemplate locking func works, but with @Transactional it fails?


    I am seeing different behavior with regard to locks with @Transactional and TransactionTemplate, although I assumed they would be the same. I have a need to issue numbers which are never duplicated. The main transaction which requires one of these numbers takes a while to complete so it calls a function which demands a new transaction, gets a pessimistic locak, issues the number then returns like this:-

    private EntityManager entityManager;
    @Transactional(propagation = Propagation.REQUIRES_NEW,readOnly = false)
    public int issueSequenceNumber(int id) {
    	SequentialObject sequentialObject=entityManager.find(SequentialObject.class,id, LockModeType.PESSIMISTIC_FORCE_INCREMENT);
    	int sequntialNumber=sequentialObject.getCurrentNumber();
    	return sequntialNumber;
    A method that calls this had transaction template and looked like this:-
        public void callsIssueSequenceNumber() {
            PlatformTransactionManager platformTransactionManager=CarrierAllocationServiceIntegrationTests.this.platformTransactionManager;
            TransactionTemplate transactionTemplate=new TransactionTemplate(platformTransactionManager);
            Integer mySequenceNumber=transactionTemplate.execute(new TransactionCallback<Object>() {
                public Object doInTransaction(TransactionStatus status) {
                        int res= sequenceService.issueSequenceNumber();
                        return res;
    	logger.debug("Got number "+mySequenceNumber);
    I think I should be able to replace this use of transaction template with an @Transactional annotaion, so the above looks like this:-
    public void callsIssueSequenceNumberAnnotaionVersion() {
    	int mySequenceNumber= sequenceService.issueSequenceNumber();
    	logger.debug("Got number "+mySequenceNumber);
    But this doesn't work. The system timesout when trying to aquire the lock:-
    javax.persistence.LockTimeoutException: Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction
    I don't see why why a lock timeout should ever occur here, I'm just testing the system, there is only one thread. I also don't see why Transaction template would work when @Transaction doesn't. Can anyone suggest what is wrong with the @Transactional way of calling issueSequenceNumber and what I could do to fix it?

    Thanks for any help!