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  • How to bind a set back to conreoller class in Spring MVC

    hi friends,

    I am really new to this forum and spring... I am trying to build a sample application with MVC. I have an issue.

    I have 3 model classes. ModuleData for modules, PermissionsData for setting permissions for each module and RoleData for roles. While entering a new role, i had listed modules inside that JSP page and added 3 checkboxes.. I need to insert the role name and its details to the usr_role table and the permissions for each module for that role to usr_perm table.. How can i achieve that? My classes are like this....

    public class ModuleData {

    @Column( name = "modId" )
    private Integer modId;

    @Column( name = "modName" )
    private String modName;

    @Column( name = "modDescription" )
    private String modDescription;

    @Column( name = "modIsDelete" )
    private boolean modIsDelete;
    //getters and Setters

    public class PermissionsData {

    @Column ( name = "perId")
    private Integer permissionID;

    @Column ( name = "rlId")
    private Integer roleID;

    @Column ( name = "modId")
    private Integer moduleID;

    @Column ( name = "perIsreadOnly")
    private boolean permissionIsReadOnly;

    @Column ( name = "perIsModify")
    private boolean permissionIsModify;

    @Column ( name = "perIsFull")
    private boolean permissionIsFull;

    @Column ( name = "perIsDelete")
    private boolean permissionIsDelete;
    //getters and setters

    public class RoleData {

    @Column( name = "rlId" )
    @OneToMany(mappedBy = "role")
    private Integer roleID;

    @Column( name = "rlName" )
    private String roleName;

    @Column( name = "rlDescription" )
    private String roleDescription;

    @Column( name = "rlIsEnabled" )
    private boolean roleIsEnabled;

    @Column( name = "rlCreatedBy" )
    private Integer roleCreatedBy;

    @Column( name = "rlCreatedDate" )
    private String roleCtreatedDate;

    @Column( name = "rlIsDelete" )
    private boolean roleIsDeleted;

    @ManyToMany(fetch= FetchType.EAGER, cascade = CascadeType.PERSIST )
    @JoinTable( name = "usr_permission",
    joinColumns = { @JoinColumn(name = "roleID")},
    inverseJoinColumns = { @JoinColumn(name = "modId")})
    private Set<ModuleData> moduleList = new HashSet<ModuleData>();
    //getters and setters

    and in RoleController i have..

    @RequestMapping(value = "/addRole")
    public ModelAndView addNewRole()
    ModelAndView mav = new ModelAndView("addNewRole");
    RoleData role = new RoleData();

    // for setting all modules to role
    List<ModuleData> moduleList = moduleService.getAllModules();
    Set<ModuleData> myModuleList = new HashSet<ModuleData>(moduleList);
    mav.getModelMap().put("roleDataObj", role);

    return mav;

    @RequestMapping(value = "/saveNewRole", method=RequestMethod.POST)
    public String saveRole(@ModelAttribute("roleDataObj") RoleData role, BindingResult result, SessionStatus status)
    // Here i need to get the help..
    return "redirect:homePage.jav";

    In that saveRole function in RoleController, i need to add the new role details to the database. and then the id of both role and module with permssion to the usr_perm table...