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  • Questions about Cross-store support

    I'm evaluating a cross-store deign for a current project, where we're considering using both MySQL and MongoDB.

    Having read the [documentation][1], I'm left with a few questions:

    The doucmentation speaks of cross-store support for a JPA Entity which contains a property that is persisted as a `@Document`. Does support exist going the other way? Ie., Can I have a MongoDB document as the parent, which contains a reference to a JPA Entity (or a collection of entities)?


    public class Product
    private Manufacturer manufacturer;

    private List<Review> reviews

    Similarly, is there support for persisting a JPA Entity which contains a collection of Docuemnts?


    public class Shop
    private Long id;
    // Product is a MongoDB @Document
    private List<Product> products;

    Is this supported?

    Given that cross-store persistence is so new, are there any resources for design best practices, or pitfalls to avoid?


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    Just bumping this.

    Also, this question is cross-posted to Stack Overflow, which now has a bounty running.