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  • How to make a DAO be a @Repository without using the annotation?

    I have a set of DAO classes that I would normally add the @Repository annotation to, but I find it makes more sense to manually define the beans using these DAO classes in the application context. One reason is that I have to define several instances of one of the DAO classes, with some different parameters specified in the application context.

    As far as I can tell, the only functional difference I would get with the @Repository annotation is the translation of SQL exceptions. That might be a good thing, so I'd like to know whether it's practical to "manually wire" a DAO bean defined in the context to do the exceptino translation. I didn't see an obvious way to do this in the Spring doc.

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    In xml you can do the following

    <bean id=“persistenceExceptionInterceptor”
        <aop:advisor pointcut=“execution(* *..*Repository.*(..))”
                              advice-ref=“persistenceExceptionInterceptor” />
    This will use AOP pointcut expression that you write to match your dao classes, then Spring will create a proxy to wrap around your daos with the PersistenceExceptionTranslationInterceptor added to the proxy. Basically the same end result as using @Repository and <bean class=“org.springframework.dao.annotation.Persiste nceExceptionTranslationPostProcessor”/>

    Hope that helps



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      Hmm, I added the following:
          <bean id="persistenceExceptionInterceptor"
              <aop:advisor pointcut="execution(* mypackagepath.*.*(..))"
                           advice-ref="persistenceExceptionInterceptor" />
      The first thing that happened is that it failed to find the "BCException" class. This is defined in org.aspectj.aspectjweaver, so I added that dependency.

      Then, it failed with this:
      Caused by: java.lang.IllegalStateException: No persistence exception translators found in bean factory. Cannot perform exception translation.

      What am I missing?