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  • -> detached entity passed to persist...?

    i'm working with a ManyToOne relationship, for example there are many LineItem entities to one Order entity.

    i have cascade={CascadeType.PERSIST} on LineItem.

    i have a LineItemRepository which extends ory.

    i call on a LineItem and it saves the LineItem and cascades to the Order, so far so good.

    then i'll call on another LineItem which references the previously saved Order, and i get:

    javax.persistence.PersistenceException: org.hibernate.PersistentObjectException: detached entity passed to persist:
    i kind of expected it to casade to the Order and then realize that nothing has changed in the Order and ignore it.

    what would be an appropriate pattern to emulate for this scenario...?


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    i was able to resolve this using the following section in the spring data jpa documentation:

    Another possibility to alter transactional behaviour is using a facade or service implementation that typically
    covers more than one repository. Its purpose is to define transactional boundaries for non-CRUD operations:
    Example 2.12. Using a facade to define transactions for multiple repository calls

    class UserManagementImpl implements UserManagement {
    private final UserRepository userRepository;
    private final RoleRepository roleRepository;
    public UserManagementImpl(UserRepository userRepository,
    RoleRepository roleRepository) {
    this.userRepository = userRepository;
    this.roleRepository = roleRepository;
    public void addRoleToAllUsers(String roleName) {
    Role role = roleRepository.findByName(roleName);
    for (User user : userRepository.readAll()) {