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  • Bean class not found, but is present in the EAR

    A new bean which is defined in my application's Spring configuration cannot be created because the bean class itself cannot be found, even though the class is present in the EAR file.

    This only happens when I have the Spring bean used in a Struts Action, running as part of an application running on WebLogic. When I run the application as a separate web application module in WebLogic I don't have this trouble and the bean's class is found correctly.

    My only guess is that there is somehow no CLASSPATH to this class, even though all of the other classes in my application are found OK. (I don't know what modifies this behavior in Spring.)

    Can anyone suggest where I might look for clues? Thanks in advance...


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    This sounds like a class loader issue. Where is spring.jar in your EAR file?


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      The spring.jar is located in the EAR in APP-INF/lib.

      The bean is declared in the application context configuration file like so:
          <bean id="getHubClliListVerifier"
      The class is not being found when Spring tries to initialize the bean, even though the class is located in the EAR:


      It seems that it should work (especially since it *does* work when deployed as a separate Spring MVC web application WAR, not part of an EAR), but the class still isn't found.