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  • Quartz Job Scheduling with non-periodic schedule


    I'm new to Spring and want to use Spring's very impressive scheduling feature, I'm quite OK with the terms how can I use it, but I have a problem.
    Everywhere at the documentation and tutorials only periodic schedules are defined and I couldn't find anywhere a soution like having a list of timestamps and wiring this as a trigger to a quartz jobdetail.

    Is there a solution for this or I have to make some additional wrappers?

    Thanks in advance

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    Hi Zozon,

    could you specifiy what do you need to do exactly?

    Did you check the cron expressions of Quartz?


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      Hi andrew007!

      I need exactly this:
      1. I have timestamps 2010.02.10-18:38, 2010.02.11-18:33:32, 2010.02.13-19:45 etc....
      2. I have no periodicity in them at all, I just want to pass them somehow at the beginning of the execution to the Scheduler in order to execute them at theses moments
      3. As I now Cron expressions only could express periodicity but I dont have it.

      My question is can I implements this without using simpletrigger setting it to executeAt and after execution setting the next event...

      And If I have only this second solution how to do that??? With some kind of listeners?

      Thanks for the reply, zozon


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        may be you could define a calendar with the list of dates with included times and use an every minute crontrigger?


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          What is and every minute crontrigger? Fires every minute and then checks wether the calendar?

          In the meantime I've found a solution, I've defined a job with a trigger and placed it in the taskexecutors list. After that I have a schedule job and a reschedule job method. At the start of the execution I gather the timestamp list from the network pass the first to the schedulejob method, the reschedulejob method is in the job itself so at the end of job execution it gets the next timestamp and reschedules itself...