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  • How to inject a static class member into a bean property?

    I have a bean that has a property -- call it fooList -- that is of type List<Foo> . I have another class that has a static member MyOtherClass.FOO_LIST that is of type List<Foo> . How do I inject that static member as the value of the fooList property? In other words ...

    <bean id="abc" class="myBean">

    <property name="fooList">
    // what goes here if I want to set fooList to the static MyOtherClass.FOO_LIST member?


    Can this be done? If so, how?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Maybe you can use the util:constant element, it's for accessing to static field defined in somewhere.
    Try this
    <property name=“fooList”>
        <util:constant static-field=“MyOtherClass.FOO_LIST” />
    Don't forget to import the util namespace into your xml configuration file. See in the reference how to do it:

    In this link you've got some information about util:constant too.

    Good luck!


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      Hi ,

      It is not possible to "SET A STATIC MEMBER FIELD" in Spring.We had faced this issue eralier also wher we had a static field and couldn't set throught <property > tag.

      Util:contant or FieldRetrievingFactoryBean "RETRIEVES A STATIC VALUE FROM THE VALUE MENTIONED IN static-field" and will sets it to fooList,provided foolist needs to be non static member in MYOtherClass.

      <property name=“fooList”>
      <util:constant static-field=“MyOtherClass.FOO_LIST” />

      Hope it helps