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  • Injecting constants as properties

    We have a large set of classes on our projects that currently have a private final static long[] containing a set of constants. These constants are security levels a user needs to access the functionality of the class. For example,

    private static final REQUIRED_PERM = new SystemPermission(new long[] {SystemPermission.MANAGE_SECURITY});
    Is there any way to externalize these values in an application context XML so they can be injected?


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    Have you looked at Sec. 3.15 "Setting a bean property or constructor arg from a field value", Spring Reference? I'm not sure it's exactly what you are looking for, but might be a good start point.


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      I second that -- I think the only way you can do this is something like this:

      class Foo {
       private static final REQUIRED_PERM;
       public Foo() {
        REQUIRED_PERM= new SystemPermission(new long[] {SystemPermission.MANAGE_SECURITY});
       public Foo(long[] systemPermissions) {
         REQUIRED_PERM= new SystemPermission(systemPermissions);
      I'm supposing that you can set longs in an applicationContext xml file by seperating them with commas. I'm not sure if you can use the String "SystemPermission.MANAGE_SECURITY" for your <value/> though as Spring might not know how to convert that to a long.


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        BTW, there is a typo in that section of the reference, the first word is 'FileRetrievingFactoryBean'. It should be 'FieldRetrievingFactoryBean'

        "FieldRetrievingFactoryBean is a FactoryBean ..."