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  • UML, doing DCD. How do I treat BeanFactory?

    Hi there,

    I'm just doing a design class diagram for my application. How exactly should I show the spring framework in the diagram. For example, every single domain object will have been created by beanFactory. Should every object link back (Creates....). This seems kind of crazy? Can anyone give me some guidance here?

    Thank you.

    jordan willms.

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    In my experience I don't include Spring at all in any high level class diagrams - I find that doing so leads to a design that is too closely coupled to Spring. Remember that Spring is meant to be a non-invasive framework and thus should have little impact on the design or Java coding of your application.

    When designing a domain model, service model or DAO tier try to design generic interfaces first that are separate from Spring. Depending on your requirements you may want to create some design docs showing any dependencies on Spring helper classes - maybe you use JdbcDaoSupport in your DAO tier.

    Other than that, I try to avoid putting Spring anywhere near high level design docs.



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      Agree with Rob. IMO framework-specific stuff tends to clutter UML diagrams without adding anything. All those EJB stereotypes likewise.

      The focus should be on your domain model and service layer and its own relationships. The Spring container is merely an enabling technology.

      I usually describe DI etc at a high level in the overall design document.