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  • Creating own .XML beans descriptor.

    Hello forum people.

    I am going to venture on a journey to build my own beans .xml descriptor.

    Not that I don't like the current one, but it takes too much time to write one, and id does suffer from slight over-head and overcomplication.

    My idea is to do something like the eclipse plugin descriptor. I.e.:
    <beans import="*,java.util.*,test.ImportedClass">
      <bean id="testBean" class="example.Bean">
          <argument pos="0" class="example.ConstructorArgumentClass"/>
          <!-- InetAddress is imported. -->
          <argument pos="0" class="InetAddress" method="getLocalAddress"/>
        <description value="Description"/>
        <owner ref="owner"/>
        <data class="example.DataImpl"/>
          <dataProperty value="12345"/>
          <someOtherProperty local="testBean"/>
          <localIP value="$&#123;java.rmi.server.exportHost&#125;"/>
        <listProperty class="ArrayList"> <!-- imported -->
          <element string="Alabala"/>
          <element int="12345"/>
          <element class="example.DataImpl"/>
      <!-- Support for loading stuff from the xml descriptor. -->
      <bean class="spring.ext.InetAddressDOMLoader"/>
    While this is harder to support, it is a lot more readable. Also the spring-doc says that the descriptor has been made to be written by people. This one I think will be much easier to write.

    What do you think?

    Do you have any pointers as to where I should start from, and does the spring framework provide extendability points for such an activity?

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    I guess you should be looking at BeanDefinitionReader and AbstractBeanDefinitionReader. These are the objects used by a bean factory (e.g. XmlBeanFactory) to load the bean definitions and register them with a BeanDefinitionRegistry, typically DefaultListableBeanFactory.

    Spring provides 2 bean definition readers out of the box: PropertiesBeanDefinitionReader and XmlBeanDefinitionReader. You could provide a new one to support your definition format.



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      I guess simplifications of the bean descriptor can also be classified as syntax sugar [ see for example,"].

      There are many ways to do this. Extensions as mentioned in the repllies, but perhaps a generative approach is possible? An xsl transform can expand the sugar into the standard DTD instance.

      j. betancourt


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        Thank you.

        Thank you both.
        I was just making sure it is possible.
        I have experience in writing parsers/readers/configurators this way, so if Spring is not getting in the way I would be able to do that.