Hi all,

i am trying to load an xml file which has all job details and triggers which is under each separate <bean>'s

i am trying to do that using ResourceJobSchedulingDataProcessor. No error is coming but it is not scheduling the
job and executing the job at the time specified.

How to load all the jobs in the xml file and trigger at the specified time in the xml.

Can anybody send me a full sample code of loading all the jobs which is in an xml unders beans and trigger with
appropriate triggers at time specified..

i have used as

SchedulerFactory schedFact = new org.quartz.impl.StdSchedulerFactory();
Scheduler sched = schedFact.getScheduler();
ResourceJobSchedulingDataProcessor resourcejobschedulingdataprocessor = new ResourceJobSchedulingDataProcessor();
resourcejobschedulingdataprocessor.processFileAndS cheduleJobs("sample.xml",sched,true);

in the xml file i had which is given in http://www.springframework.org/docs/...cheduling.html

Kindly send me some sample code and help....any help is greatly appreciated..