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  • .properties files and lists of properties.

    My application allows the user to manipulate a database. It also allows them to switch between databases at run time.

    Currently the available databases are "hard coded" into my beans.xml file.

    This has two consequences: if I want to add or remove a datasource I have to add/remove a DataSource entry, add/remove a hibernate session factory, add/remove an action configured with the session factory and add/remove an entry to those beans that keep lists of the available actions (in this case a menu).

    Is there anyway I can:

    a) externalise the url for the datasources into, say, a separate properties file so it's easier (but not too easy!) to edit once the application has been deployed. (The names of the various testing and staging databases change regularly). Clarification: the bit I don't know is: how do I do this without programmatically loading the .properties file? I'd like to be able to say something like <import properties_file=""/>. After all what business if it of my application code how I've chosen to structure my beans.xml file?

    b) define a list of datasources and have everything else automagically configure itself. (Part of the repetition issue: all the session factories identical apart form the datasource for example, would be addressed by a solution to a).


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    Thankyou all for being my cardboard analyst ;-)

    <bean id="propertyConfigurer"
    <property name="location"><value>/WEB-INF/</value></property>


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      Ok so I spoke too soon.

      Spring seems to be silently ignoring my propertyConfigurer (it doesn't matter what file name I set it doesn't complain and my ${} don't get replaced) which you'd kind of expect given that it's not referenced anywhere. But then according to the articles I've read isn't propertyConfigurer supposed to be automaigcally isntantiated by Spring?



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        It's astonishing. I spent the weekend struggling with this but as soon as I start to articulate the problem the solutions just seem to just magically appear.

        This time it's: use ClassPathXmlApplicationContext (which automagically does the necessary fixing up) instead of XMLBeanFactory, which doesn't.