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  • Newbie question :)

    Dear Spring community,

    I'm currently a J2EE developer and I heard some very good things about Spring framework. But, when I ask the question "what really is Spring Framework", the answer is never clear...
    I tried to read the official documentation, but it seems very complicated :S
    I don't understand for example, how the fact of creating my objects in an XML file instead of directly in my java code should help me. If it's for the configuration, I still have the properties files.

    Ok, the MVC part seems very useful, but I still don't understand why I have to use this bean file.

    I also read that Spring could be used, for example, only to integrate Hibernate. But once again I don't understand why the fact of adding all these xml files is suppose to help me to simplify the use of Hibernate

    So if somebody could help me to understand, it would be great

    Thank you very much


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    Hi Guillaume,

    You are not along. I also do not understand why to make a single business call in J2EE 2.1 I need to create and maintain 5 files - bean, its home, business, remote/local interfaces and dto. (Can you configure them using properties files?...Please, I neeeed your tip). XDoclet definitely helps, yet XDoclet is a maintenance nightmare in its own right and has its own share of bugs (have you ever tried JAX RPC-Web services with XDoclet or something like this with Hibernate
    public class Event implements Serializable {
    private KeyNoteSpeaker speaker;
    * @hibernate.many-to-one column="keynote_speaker_id"
    * unique="true"
    public KeyNoteSpeaker getSpeaker() { return speaker; }
    public void setSpeaker(KeyNoteSpeaker speaker) {
    this.speaker = speaker;
    What will happen? Try it. Get ready for frustration...

    RE: if somebody could help me to understand, it would be great
    Guillaume, first a challenge - find a JSE developer (a newbie) and try to explain him in a short forum post what J2EE (you are J2EE developer, right) really is. You see the problem - specs for 2.x version 640pgs +. The same with Spring. Spring is huge by now.
    However, there is my hint. Don't ask anybody. There is no better source then the authors of the whole thing. I personally was swept away by Spring when read this book written by Spring fathers - Rod Johnson and Jurgen Hoeller

    Give it a try. It's not about Spring API. It's about Spring message.

    Last edited by Arno Werr; Aug 8th, 2006, 11:27 PM.