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  • Howto use Groovy bean as Struts action


    I'm using Struts and DelegatingTilesRequestProcessor to get my Actions created by Spring. I'd like to use a groovy to script them for quick prototyping.
    First, I cannot set the name attribute to a bean (using spring 2.0-rc2 : only id can be set, and "/foo/bar" is not allowed as an ID). I've used an alias to solve this.

    Now, I get an exception
    BeanNotOfRequiredTypeException: Bean named '/intranet/validationCde/recapCde' must be of type [org.apache.struts.action.Action], but was actually of type [$Proxy0]
    Sounds like the groovy-scripting support has created a Proxy that doesn't expose the target bean as type. I may need to use a cglib proxy, but have no idea how to do this.

    Does anyone have a solution for this ?

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    Just for info, here is my current context file :

      <!-- lang:groovy doesn't allow name attribute -->
      <alias name="recapCde" alias="/intranet/validationCde/recapCde"/>
      <lang:groovy id="recapCde"
        <lang:property name="radius" ref="radius"/>


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      Allow ScriptFactoryPostProcessor to create CGlib proxies ?

      I've searched in spring sources why using a groovy bean as Action doesn't work.
      From What I've found, the ScriptFactoryPostProcessor creates a proxy for refreshable scripted-beans (createRefreshableProxy).
      The ProxyFactory used cannot be configured to use a CGlib proxy or anything else that allows to make the Proxy extend struts Action class.

      Is there any technical limitation for this ?


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        I've found a (not so bad) solution !

        I've found a "quick & dirty" solution to use groovy beans as Struts action :

        I've created a "StrutsAction" interface with the Struts execute Method. My action must implement it (developper just have to add " implements StrutsAction")
        public interface StrutsAction
            public abstract ActionForward execute(ActionMapping mapping,
                    ActionForm form, HttpServletRequest request,
                    HttpServletResponse response) throws Exception;
        I've created a SciptedBeanActionAdapter that extends Action and delegates to a StrutsAction.
        public class SciptedBeanActionAdapter extends Action {
            private StrutsAction delegate;
            public SciptedBeanActionAdapter(StrutsAction delegate) {
                this.delegate = delegate;
            public ActionForward execute(ActionMapping mapping, ActionForm form, HttpServletRequest request, HttpServletResponse response) throws Exception {
                return delegate.execute(mapping, form, request, response);
        I've extended AutowiringTilesRequestProcessor and override processActionCreate to first look for the action in context, like DeletatingRequestProcessor does, but expecting a StrutsAction. It then creates a SciptedBeanActionAdapter and return it as action.

        protected Action processActionCreate(HttpServletRequest request,
                    HttpServletResponse response, ActionMapping mapping)
                throws IOException  {
                WebApplicationContext wac = getWebApplicationContext();
                String beanName = DelegatingActionUtils.determineActionBeanName(mapping);
                if (wac.containsBean(beanName)) {
                    StrutsAction bean = (StrutsAction) wac.getBean(beanName, StrutsAction.class);
                    return new SciptedBeanActionAdapter(bean);
                return super.processActionCreate(request, response, mapping);
        I've added a "classpath*:localContext.xml" to my webApplicationContext definition. This file is in $TOMCAT/shared/classes and defines my struts action as a grrovy bean :

          <alias name="groovyAction" alias="/intranet/logonvalidate"/>
          <lang:groovy id="groovyAction"
            <lang:property name="contexte" ref="contexte" />
            <lang:property name="configuration" ref="configuration" />
        That beeing done , I can change the action code and hit refresh in my browser to see changes. On the production server, no localContext is defined and application uses statically compiled Actions.
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          This solution is now also explained on Struts wiki

          Any suggestion is welcome.